Exploring Washington: North Cascades National Park

I am so backlogged on blog posts about our epic adventures and tour fun. Bear with me! If all goes accordingly, you may be bombarded with posts this week.

We are currently in the Pacific Northwest, making our way south from Washington. We are now rolling in the Superfeet converted Sprinter van (SuperVan). It is sweeeeeeeeeeet! More on that in another post.
So, if there is one theme we are seeing in the Pacific Northwest, it is that we are EARLY in the season for hiking and backpacking. Knowing this, we have planned a different set of micro adventures.

Our first stop was North Cascades National Park. Justin had dipped in the park in 2014 when he climbed Shuksan. But I was adamant we were going to use what little time we had in northern Washington to take a drive through the park and do a few hikes.
Well, those plans changed when we realized we were there the last weekend they have the road through the park closed (5/13-5/14). We were able to make it to milepost 135, but then we had to turn around.

Still, we made the most of it and enjoyed the epic views. We slept our first night in the SuperVan at the Ross Dam trailhead, then hiked to Ross Dam in the morning and stopped at the Thunder Creek trailhead on the way out for another hike.
Ross Dam
Ross Dam
Thunder Creek
Given the fact there are dozens of hiking trails through the North Cascades, and we only did 6 miles or so, we will most certainly have to return. But, I don't mind with scenes like this ...
Diablo Lake
Colonial Peak

Skagit River

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