Fenton Ranch Visitors

It used to be, no matter where we lived, we would have a revolving door of visitors.

Nowadays, we live even more in the boondocks than ever, and only a few brave souls follow us where we go.

I'm happy to say, we hosted our first Fenton Ranch visitor: Justin's mom!

This visit was extra special, as J is still recovering in the big city of Denver, so he and his mom took a road trip to visit me at Fenton Ranch!
It's been brrrrr cold up in the mountains of New Mexico, so we mainly hung by the fire. We didn't have our go-to board game of Scrabble, but we did have Risk! I was so, so excited to play the game of world domination. I spent the better part of my freshman year of high school playing with my two best friends every weekend (I already admitted I was a nerd in high school!). I thought for sure this was a game I could beat J and his mom ...
But after three full days of playing, Justin proved himself once again as the champion of all games.

We did get outside and go exploring locally! We took J's mom on our snowy trails, down to the famous Jemez Springs Bath House for a soak and out for grub at the eclectic Los Ojos Restaurant and Saloon.

We also took a day to explore Santa Fe, which is really quite beautiful in the evenings with all the luminaries and Christmas lights draped on the abode buildings. Mostly this was a walk-around-the-shops trip, but we made sure to enjoy cuisine at the top-rated restaurants--The Shed and Cafe Pasquals--both excellent!
For everyone else, the invite to Fenton Ranch exists! This is not meant to deter you, just meant to be a warning: we are 2 hours from the Albuquerque airport on a mountainous road with no cell service (although my sister likes to remind me this is no different than the last several places we've lived). We already have two friends with their tickets booked in January, so let's see how many others dare to venture into the unplugged territory ...

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