New Mexico Adventures: San Antonio Hot Springs

One of the great things about this job is that we have a solid 2 days off each weekend. This means every Saturday and Sunday, we become weekend warriors and explore the surrounding area! I'm behind on my updates, so here is a report from our first weekend here, when we got ourselves in hot water ...
Apparently, New Mexico is the hot spot (no pun intended) for the perfect natural soaking tub. This is due to the residual geothermal heat from the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions in this region that occurred 13 million years ago.
Our first hot spring to check out was San Antonio, which is a short drive from Fenton Ranch, where we live and work.

San Antonio Hot Springs is a collection of 4 undeveloped mineral hot tubs (ranging from 105-129 degrees!) flowing out of a steep hillside with phenomenal views.

There is 4WD road access to San Antonio Hot Springs during the summer months, but the gate to the road is closed this time of year. So we had to walk the 5-mile (one way) jeep road, but it was extremely flat and even scenic at times.

San Antonio Hot Springs is pretty popular, even when you have to hike in. But we pretty much beat the crowds getting to the pools around lunch time on a Saturday. Most people are driving up from the city and only getting to the trailhead by lunch. So we only had to share the space with 6-8 other people.

Anyway, it was pretty cool ... I mean hot. (come on, LOL with me)

We also explored a few other tourist haunts around the Jemez Mountains, including the neat Gilman Tunnels, which are old railroad tunnels carved through red rock canyon walls.

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