Currently: November

Currently living/working in: In the homestretch of island life … unbelievably, there are only 9 days left in our caretaking gig!

Current mood: Sad to leave the island, but excited for our winter full of personal development and mountain training in Colorado!

Currently excited about: Our New Zealand Speaking Tour!!!! And the fact that our first 3 stops (NJ, Columbus and Indianapolis) are FULL!!! Stop #4 (St. Louis) is very close to filling up … 

Currently worried about: Packing Big Bird. Everyday, my mom calls me to say a package has arrived for us and my dad squeals in the background, “HOW ARE THEY GOING TO FIT ALL OF THIS IN THEIR CAR?????” Our gear partners, such as GSI Outdoors, Hi-Tec and Superfeet, have been sending the tour giveaways left and right. Truth is, I, too, am having a little bit of a panic attack that we may have to leave some of the essentials, like clothing, behind as we hit the road for the tour pointed toward Denver. 

Currently thankful for: In the spirit of the most thankful months, I figure I should name at least 5 things!
1) Friends and family coming out to support our tour 
2) Health … 2015 started as an unhealthy year for my family in particular, but it may be ending on a better note 
3) Gear sponsors that are providing awesome tour giveaways (and continued support for all our adventures)
4) Freelance writing projects 
5) A marriage that can withstand spending 2 months on an island together with nothing more than each other!

Currently proud of: Making it to Day 29 in the Insanity workout. Well, actually, we are only on Day 22, but we should make it to Day 29 (or 30) by the time we leave the island. 

I’m pretty sure when Sean T says to run while keeping your fists loose like you're holding a bag of potato chips, he doesn’t really mean to hold a bag in your hand & eat a snack while working out.

Currently regretting: Not getting to see any ghosts on the island. We may have tried a little too hard on that front. 

Currently amazed by: How great this caretaking gig was, mostly because of the friendliness of the islanders, and how sad we are to leave. 
Current confession: I gush about the island all the time, but we do have one gripe … the satellite Internet. It was probably the worst we’ve had. 

Current guilty pleasure: Nothing since our food rations are (purposely) down to the last pasta noodle. 

Currently reading: Just started Justin Litchner’s “Short Stories from Long Trails.”

Currently watching on Netflix: No Netflix (see Internet comment). Instead—and I don’t wait to admit this—we are about to make it through all 6 seasons of Lost. 

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