We completed the sale of our house in Virginia!

Our friend Van was so nice and gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate … doesn't matter that he found the champagne at the dump (which is why we didn't drink it and just sprayed it around).
When we sat down with the city officials to sign the paperwork, J said, "should we leave our phone number in case you need anything or have any questions about the house?" The city official responded, "Run. Just run." 

As I said before, we have some very good friends in Danville, so it was a little sad to be leaving again. We had a great half summer there. In addition to all our outdoor activities, we got to be a part of a few birthday celebrations and gender reveal (it's a she) parties. We also participated in activities you commonly find in the South: shooting targets and 4-wheeling. It is all part of our Danville experience.

Our Danville chapter may be officially closed, but it will never be fully closed because of our friends. And the fact that we still have a packed 10x10 storage unit there … so we will be back, eventually.

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