The South Island Stats

Before we leave for Stewart Island, I wanted to give you a few statistics. I will do a grand summary of the entire trail shortly, but here's the South Island summary!

1308 kilometers / 812 miles
***this is what the map says, but our GPS shows that we did 1407 kilometers!!
56 days
3 zero days (days off)
Rough Breakdown of Ks/Ms
Trail (this includes a variety of types: forest, ridgeline, 4WD tracks, forestry roads, cycleway paths, etc) - 959 Ks / 596 Ms
Road walking - 324 Ks / 201 Ms
River walking (in/through the river) - 54 Ks / 33 Ms
Beach walking - 22 Ks / 13 Ms
Farmlands - 48 Ks / 29 Ms
32 Swingbridges 
200 plus River Crossings
28 nights in a tent
18 nights in a hut
9 nights in a bed
13 showers
12 falls for P (this means I was on my butt)
5 falls for J
18 holes dug for "business" for J
11 holes dug for "business" for P
150 or so questions from "The Book of Questions" answered
22 other TA thru hikers met
Favorite Section: Nelson Lakes National Park
Least Favorite Section: 30 kilometers from Kiwi Hut to Arthur's Pass (before Deception River)
Best Meal: Fergburger (Justin) and Pasta Special from MacKenzie's in Lake Tekapo

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