Day 38: Zero Day and Playing Tourists Again

We are still in Waitomo (btw pronounced Why-Toe-Mo meaning water hole). Yesterday we did our tour of the glowworm caves, but we wanted more. And, we wanted to see them "New Zealand" style (read, dangerous).

So we signed up for a blackwater rafting trip! We can remember watching something (Amazing Race?) sometime in 2007 or so and seeing blackwater rafting. We immediately added it to our bucket list. Now that we've done (survived) it, we both vote awesome and encourage you to add it to your list! 

Blackwater rafting means you take an inner tube down through a dark cave, even down a few waterfalls! The water was freezing cold even though we were wearing wet suits. It was so exhilarating though that I didn't notice my hypothermic state. Our guides were fantastic And, we got to see a ton more of the glowworms!
Fins to the left...

Back to hiking tomorrow, but we feel good and refreshed!

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