Marriage By Numbers - The 8th Anniversary Edition

8 memorable, adventure-filled years married
7 times we've rented a moving truck (Penske rocks!)
6 cats fostered 
5 zip codes shared (of legitimate places we've lived for more than a few months)  
4 godchildren, 4 nieces & nephews and 4 From Good Homes concerts together (J's favorite band - he probably is approaching 400 on his own)
3 university degrees among us and 3 cars purchased together 
2 long-distance periods endured, 2 cats owned together and 2 grandmas buried together 
1 near-death hospitalization (on last year's anniversary) and 1 house purchased and renovated together 

We have been married for 2,921 days and if our marriage was a person, it has reached the fourth grade! 

Happy 8th anniversary to my partner in everything! 

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