Currently: April

Current mood: surprisingly content, with all that is going on
Currently thankful for: Snail Mail Netflix DVD mail service, since we can no longer stream video!

Currently worried about: Hmmm, where to start? My Nana is still not healed from a fall she took in December and even though she is back back home, we've all realized she will never be the same. My mom is driving 4 hours roundtrip about 3 times a week to help care for my Nana and I don't care that she has a million guardian angels looking out for her on the road and she doesn't complain, I know this is wearing her down. My dad took a quick overnighter to the hospital this week. Oh, and we have to hire a chef for RR before we open in 1 month. That's right, the chef for RR is no longer with us!! This is now the 2nd chef they hired that didn't work out for just 2 different reasons unrelated to us (we hadn't even met the first one). Anyone want to quit their job and come cook for RR? Cami? 

Currently excited about: building tipis next week! And, seeing 2 friends from NH next weekend who are "in the area" visiting family.

Currently regretting: not bringing my pizza stones from storage to Oregon. We will be making pizzas every Sunday for guests (our contribution to the cooking part of RR) and I know I will miss my stones. 

Currently not excited about: the fact that it snowed/hailed on and off here all week. It even thunder snowed. The owners of RR gave us fair warning that this part of Oregon has a glum spring, but boy this 70s-themed-colored environment of brown, green and yellow is getting old. 

Currently proud of: My freelance writing career … I've juggled a lot of different projects since we finished our AT thru hike in 2011. As a freelancer, you just never want to say no and these past few years, I committed to as many projects as was humanly possible even when working alongside J at BD, BP and now RR. I finally let one of the bigger projects go (reluctantly) to stop spreading myself so thin. I know I will always be a freelance writer on the side of whatever J & I are doing together, but I also know if I am giving attention to one thing, it means I am neglecting another.  Plus, I no longer have to support J's concert-going habits since there isn't a single concert in a 180-mile radius!!!!!!

Currently reading: Nicholas Sparks' "The Wedding" … I know it's cheesy, but I needed a light book after reading the dark and disturbing "Dead Mountain" book about 9 missing hikers in the 1950s. Also, I borrowed this romance novel from a friend a year ago and I am determined to read and return it. 

Current guilty pleasure: Easter candy & Girl Scout cookies that my mom mailed us! 

Currently watching on Netflix: Whatever shows up in our mailbox!