Before Matrimony Comes Bachelor Parties

J has abandoned me for the first of TWO bachelor parties this month. Strange to be separated from him for more than 1 night because not only have we been in the same time zone, state and city this summer, fall and winter, we have also spent all of the last 6,720 hours side by side.

Now, some might think that being alone in a cabin in the woods with no car is the makings for a B-rated horror flick. 

Not me. What I am more concerned about what shape J will be in upon his return. There are 18 grown, respectable, tax-paying, law-abiding men going to this weekend party in New Orleans, so you would expect good behavior. But after his last bachelor party in 2010 with part of this same crew, J did not fare well. 

I'd like to pretend there will be no debauchery. Instead, they are down there doing a Habitat for Humanity project and in bed by 9pm reading novels by candlelight. But, we all make mistakes. This week, the crew was taking bets on who would pass out first, throw up first, expose himself first (J won that one) … I am at least consoled to know there are laws in NOLA against tying horses to trees on a public highway and against tying alligators to fire hydrants. A few less things to worry about, right? All I know is I wouldn't want to be the maid cleaning the house they are renting. 

And now, I need to return to my chick-flick-watching, blog-reading, all-about-me time.