Hot Texas

There are only a few places this summer where we stayed for more than a few days. Texas was one of them. 10 hot days. I lost 2.5 lbs just by breathing in Texas. Thursday, it finally rained in Texas (yeah for them!) and Friday, as we were driving the last bit of the Longest State To Drive Through Ever (Nebraska could be tied), we noticed the temps never rose out of the 70s. Of course, because we were leaving. 

Hot temps aside, Texas treated us pretty well. 

Three awesome events.

And like I already mentioned, there was In & Out Burger and two nights of viewing of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. 

Then we caught a Mumford & Sons concert. 

Then our blog/AT friends Misti/Ridley and Chris/Panther made us a home-cooked meal. Try as we might, cooking in the Sprinter Van can never amount to anything more than pasta.    

And there's a town named after my love in Texas. 

So it's not all bad, huh? 

We are down to our last 4 events--Albuquerque, Vegas, Berkeley and Denver. Not sure I have mentioned this yet, but in Denver, we have a very special guest. Phil Keoghan!! The host of the Amazing Race! Don't you worry, we will absolutely drop the hint to him that our tour only lasts through October, meaning there is ample time for us to be contestants on the show. 

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