Dirty Jersey and Connecticut

My 10 days in dirty Jersey (with a brief 4-day stint in CT) is coming to an end and it was filled with the typical summer fun …

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of the following summer-associated activities:
1) sitting on a beach
2) swimming in a pool
3) getting pedicures

And I did all three of those things (willingly) and more this week! 

Highlights include seeing and spending good QT with my family, my growing niece (almost 8!) and nephew (almost 11), and so many friends. Bonus was getting to visit the MARS factory for my chocolate fix (a friend works there) and seeing the 70+ therapy dogs that had been in Newtown since its tragedy (I don't typically like dogs, but these guys melted my heart, especially because of what they did for that community).

Don't you worry, J will post about his very exciting 10 days in Colorado. As much as we both enjoyed our time, we are happy to be reunited!!!!