Party Like A One-Month Old

We ventured up to the Philly area for a quick overnight trip with 3 purposes.

1) Meet my college roommates' 2 new babies. Here is my public apology to my 2 other friends in the Philly area who also have newish babies, but didn't make the visit list. It was a short visit!

2) Attend a friend's Superbowl Party that we've been invited to for the last 6 years (same friend with newborn baby).

3) Bag Delaware's high point.

Babies were met and cuddled. Seriously, our friends/family have the cutest kids. No bias at all.

The first baby is my college roommate's Chile/Kelly's latest addition to her family. Kelly is really happy she finally got her Latino baby. Look at the picture. It's like 2 separate families (her awesome mom is in the middle). Antonio is almost 5 and blue-eyed and blond hair. Cecelia is as Latin as they come and takes after daddy 150%. I am not afraid to admit I am a little jealous of her hair.

The second baby is sweet Zachary produced by college roommate Charlotte/Rachel. Zachary already had his 15 minutes of fame when he became the first baby of Delaware County. Rachel and her hubby PADutch/Chris worked really hard to have this baby and I am so happy their dreams finally became a reality.

I tried to get a picture of the new family of 3, but they weren't too happy with my efforts and asked me to use this professional photo taken by their sister-in-law, Kaila Regina. I don't blame them. Something about having a newborn and hosting a Superbowl party could be a formula for fatigue. 
I am shocked Rachel is as relaxed as she is with the baby. She will admit it herself; she is a little OCD and germaphobic. Nonetheless, Zachary is just about 1 month old and she still let her husband host his annual Superbowl party. Or Mass Germ Party, as some would call it. Chris may have been hosting the party for the last 13 years, but Zachary has taken the reins. We've been invited to umpteen times, but only came the year Zachary invited us. Thankfully, it lived up to its infamous glory. The game itself and the tomato pie served did not, but small details.
As for Delaware's high point at 447.85, it was definitely not perfect training for Rainier, but hey, every little bit helps. 

It was another "drive-up" high point, but we were able to make it more of an adventure because Rachel & Chris now live down the street from it. So we walked from Pennsylvania to Delaware! Not nearly as exciting as the time we walked from Maine to Georgia, but worth something. We left their house at 9:59 am and reached the summit at 10:07 am. 
I do give Delaware a little credit. A lot of the states take zero pride in their high point and I gauge this by strewn garbage and signage. Delaware had a nice sign surrounded by an open field and lined by a sidewalk to get there and no garbage, so it is not the lowest of the low. Probably the most memorable thing about it though is the tongue-twister of a name ... Ebright Azimuth.

Yeah for High Point #27!!!

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