The Southerners Come North For The Winter

Turns out BD is just as awesome of a place to visit in the winter as it is in the summer.

The GAF (Great American Family) from Danville visited this past weekend.

And although I still believe they are the GAF, I am disappointed to report they upgraded from dial-up to high-speed Internet. They, however, still don't have cable and still have the console TV (the kind in a wooden box circa 1980), so that keeps me from stripping their title of GAF.

We had a fair share of inside time by the fire playing board games. BREAKING NEWS ... Deal did NOT win in Scrabble. Not sure how it happened, but I won and he placed in third behind the 13-year-old. On a side note, it is now the mission of many people to show Deal that winning is not everything. Our other friends introduced a new board game to us where everyone works together and wins together.

Even though the air has turned arctic, we still ventured outside for a hike.  

In any case, it was a quick, last-minute visit, but it was great to reconnect with our roots in Danville.