Columbus & Cleveland, Two Months Ago

Anytime Deal goes anywhere without me, I tell him to take pictures so I can blog about it. He usually takes one picture of whoever is on the stage and calls it a day.

Back in October, he took a short trip to visit theHoss/Jason in Columbus and took pictures from the trip. He was so proud of himself and was excited for my blog post. Guess who never followed through on her promise?

So, I invite you to rewind 2 months with me and live vicariously through Deal for a trip to Columbus and Cleveland.

Deal's second trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this time with a special Grateful Dead exhibit and U2 3D movie
A quick visit with theFather/Mike and baby Charley while in Cleveland

Not Pictured:
Deal's 15th Carbon Leaf concert, but first time seeing them in Columbus
Losing $ at the casino in Cleveland
Football madness
Bromance love between Deal and Hoss
Steadee slaving away back at BD while Deal plays

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