Who wants to be a sawyer when they grow up????

I used to joke that when Deal worked in parks and recreation, he went to all sorts of cool conferences. I mean, they played wiffle ball and Minute To Win It. Where was all the learning in that?  

In his new role here at BD, though, he attended something that tops the cake: a chainsaw certification class.

You heard me right folks. Deal now know how to juggle 3 chainsaws and carve bears. Next up, he will build us a remote log cabin.

Okay, maybe he just learned to turn on a chainsaw. Either way, he came back from the class with all 10 fingers and toes and all limbs attached. (We weren't too worried because now we have that awesome health insurance with awesome coverage of severed limbs).

As a sawyer, now he can tend to the 66 acres at BD. Vroom, vroom.

I thought he would look sexy using such a manly machine. But I'm not sure sexy is the word I'm thinking of.