Today is Deal and my 6th anniversary!!

I can hardly believe we've been married for six years. I can remember our first year of marriage like it was yesterday. Although we had been together for 4 years before getting married, being married was so new and exciting! The whole year was like a whirlwind honeymoon as we enjoyed our last few months living in Danville, VA, and moved up to Concord, NH. Once again, we were living in a new place and knew no one. Once again, we learned that we really only needed each other to create our own happiness.

We did nothing to celebrate/recognize our anniversary this year, which is typical of us and fine in our books. We celebrate our marriage everyday. There was a bit of miscommunication on whether we were getting each other cards this year. I got one. He didn't. Until today at the grocery store.

Everyone always says that marriage is hard. I beg to differ. Life is hard. A good, solid marriage is what makes life easier.

To many, many more!