500th Blog Post Giveaway!

We are currently in New Hampshire, thoroughly enjoying our time and busy visiting with friends all over the state. But, I have to interrupt my normally scheduled blog updates to recognize something very cool.

Holy canoli, this is my 500th blog post! And because it's my 500th blog post, I couldn't waste it on just another rant about our semi-retired life.

Hitting 500 blog posts would not have been possible without all of you. It's been 4 wonderful years (it all began Jan. 22, 2008) and I have no intention of ceasing this blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing about nothing. Can't you tell? Your e-mails and comments encouraged me greatly to keep on writing. You probably don't really know how much I love comments on the blog. FYI, I am currently in a deep depression as the comments have decreased since our Appalachian Trail hike ... but I digress.

Because I am so grateful for my blog readers and want to commemorate them to celebrate my 500th post milestone, I am doing a giveaway. Here are the rules:

1) The contest starts now and ends Sunday, February 19th at 9pm EST (which happens to be my first day of my new job).

2) You enter by leaving a comment here on the blogspot site (not Facebook) about your favorite wanderinglavignes post (I told you I was a comment whore). And I know many of you like to remain anonymous, but please make sure I at least know who you are!
For example, if Deal were to enter the contest (which he will, most likely), he would leave a comment saying his favorite post is "Whose Got My Extra????" Click to read, or I'll just save you the trouble. It's about a concert.

3) One entry per person, please. That goes for you, Deal!

4)This giveaway is open to all my readers, including my fabulous international readers (hi Chris!). Whether you read the blog every day since I started, or are new, please enter! Lurkers, come out, come out wherever you are!

5) The winner will be picked using Random.org, which will generate the magic number. I will announce the winner on Monday, Feb. 20.

6) The prize is ... $50 gift card to REI!!! I pondered what would be a great prize, but ultimately, I can't pass up the chance to share our love for REI with others. Even if you don't hike, camp, paddle or rock climb like us, you can definitely find something there!! And everything is 100% guaranteed, so you can always return an item if you are unhappy.

Questions? Just e-mail me. Let the comments and contest begin.

Here's to 500 more!!!!

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