Retirement is oh so good

It's good to be back in Colorado and at the cabin and we are waiting for the snow. Seriously, what a disappointing winter!! But alas, we have still gotten out as much as we can to do some XC skiing, especially with SILAdventure/Jamie & DocDoc/Rachel here with us this past weekend.
We all attempted a little trickery on the skis to no avail.We also went to a local bar and watched the Denver Broncos lose. Now technically, we should be Pats fans with our New England "roots," but we were in Broncos territory. And with the Giants winning today, we are really hoping for a Pats-Giants matchup again!Deal & I will be here at the cabin for 10 more glorious days. We are cat & dog sitting for DocDoc & SILAdventure as they make their way to South America! I've never met two pets who crave people food as much as these two.
We have lots of projects to work on while we are here pet sitting, including a presentation about the AT. Did I mention yet we are extending our road trip all the way to New Hampshire??

Oh, and I still owe y'all a very important blog post about our future ... maybe tomorrow ...

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