The Cabin Life

Greetings from paradise!

We have been at the cabin for a 5 full days and there is no cabin fever here! We are in a semi-normal routine, which includes cooking meals in a real kitchen and lots of catching up/organizing life. Yes, we are still living out of our bags and Deal is dreaming of a dresser someday, but for now, our nomadic lifestyle sticks.

Retirement and the cabin life is a good life. We go out for walks, as cross-country skiing has been out of the question so far with the lack of snow. Breckenridge got some last night, so we are going to head over there today and see how it goes.
We still have some destinations in mind for our road trip back east later this month. Any guesses????? Stay tuned for another rendition of where in the world are the wandering lavignes?

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