Days 95-106/Central VA

We have completed Central VA, all 227 miles! It took us 12 days.

We did stop in a few towns, mainly to resupply, shower & get a good meal, but we haven't really taken any significant "neros." We also stayed in the famous Woodshole Hostel, which our book describes as a little piece of heaven. It was definitely divine and much needed!

Anyways, Central VA has been full of surprises ...

There was, of course, the surprise of the Asian Giant Hornet. My eye socket, thankfully, has returned back to normal size. It only took 5 days. Oh, and don't be deceived by the size of the hornet in the picture below ... The one that bit me was 3 times as large!

Fire Marshall decided to spice things up with a new pair of shorts. He's channeling his inner Richard Simmons & bringing charm to the trail at the same time.

We finally caught up to this fellow SOBO, Fern Toe, who we've been trailing since Maine! She was always 1-5 days in front of us, but lately, we've seen her a lot!

There are random swings in the middle of the meadow. With all the walking we do, it's nice to take a seat here and there!

There are monuments to kids who died over 100 years ago, who may or may not haunt the shelter.

There are some massive blowdowns. Trail maintenance anyone?

There are nice privies, and some not-so-nice (but airy) privies.

We've come across random dogs with tracking devices attached to their collars. We have come to find out they are hunting dogs. This information would have been helpful BEFORE I called the owner of one of the dogs to express sympathy for losing his dog and report the location.

There are some interesting landmarks.

There are HoJos! I did not know they still were in business!

While we've had really good weather in central VA, it has gotten very chilly ... Brrrr ... We had to break out the poof jackets! And Fire Marshall has started making fires again. It was 39 degrees one morning! PS-we slept in that gazebo that is in the picture.

There was a big oak tree.

We have to walk over a million of these things in central VA & we are NOT in our happy place when we do.

Wildlife has been somewhat boring. We are still seeing lots of deer, but not so many bear.

We climbed some big peaks and saw some impressive views.

Last, but not least, Rambo/Van came to visit! He hiked with us for 2 days, brought us cake that his lovely wife made (we shared with other hikers at a hostel) and moonshine (of course)!

Now onto the last bit of VA ... "ONLY" 600 miles left of the whole trail!

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