Mile 823.4 New York is DONE!

We entered NJ this evening and it started to downpour ... you would think our home state would be kinder to us!! So we quickly set up our tent and are hunkering down for the night.

The good news is we have entered our 7th state!!

As for my summary of NY, I have mixed feelings about the state. The hiking/terrain was decent overall, and extremely diverse, which made each day different. But, there were some things I didn't like about this state. I think it's easier to just list it out.

*The shelters were crappy. Not only that, but most of them lacked a privy! What's up with that?? We actually only stayed at one shelter and camped at other random spots, including a monastery where they let you camp at their baseball pavilion (we crammed 5 tents in there because of the rain) and a garden center that was conveniently placed between railroad tracks and a highway (we only stayed there because the rain came in ... But of course sleep that night complicated by the wicked storm that created a strobe light dance party with all the lightening)

*The water sources were pretty much all dry. We instead got water from the tap at delis, etc. Also, people put out water jugs as trail magic!

*There was a lot of noise pollution as we were hiking. We crossed 4 major highways and countless other busy highways. When we crossed the Palisades Parkway, it was like being in a game of Frogger!

*Trail magic! There was some trail tragic, but more magic, including a full cooler at the top of a mountain! When we were in the post office picking up our packages, some guy started chatting with us and came back in a few minutes later with ice cream sandwiches!! And like I said, sometimes trail magic was simply water!
*Delis, hot dog stands and ice cream! It is what every thru hiker talks about when they mention NY! We only missed 2 on "the tour" because they were closed.

*The views were surprisingly awesome!! Bear Mtn was a favorite and we were able to spend a lot of time up there enjoying it.

*Like I said, NY's trail is very diverse. We even went through a zoo and we quite liked that!

*We had our first bear sighting!! Actually 3 bears in total (Fire Marshall saw 4)

Here are the stats on NY
89.2 miles
5.5 days
3 nights in a tent
1 night in a shelter
1 night in a house
66 NOBOs passed (they are definitely dissipating)
1 fall for Steadee
3 dig-a-hole poops in the woods for Deal
4 doses of trail magic
3 doses of trail tragic (empty cooler)
1 iPod afternoon
10 SoyJoys distributed
1 shower
1 hitch hike
7 silver AT markers
1 snake
6 deer
1 fox or coyote (couldn't tell)
3 bear
Random things found in the woods of NY:
Toilet, fridge, lobster cage, guardrail, car seat cushion

Location:Chickadee Ln,,United States

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