Monday, January 18, 2010


A few weeks ago, I claimed J had the coolest job in the world because he got to go to conferences at ski lodges and win free hut stays. But I also have a cool job. I freelance occasionally for a NH magazine and my latest assignment was about—you guessed it—yurts!

Not only have I enjoyed researching more about yurts in the area and growing our love for yurts, but one yurt owner invited J and I to stay for a night on the house! What can I say, but it was fabulous once again. I still lost to J at Scrabble, but I was close. A few more yurt trips and I might pull out a win.
As I mentioned, you are truly unplugged at the yurts. When we planned our yurt stay, we didn't realize it would fall exactly during the Jets game. J is a Jets fan and it's the Playoffs, making it an extra special game. He was able to listen to parts of the game using a crank-up radio, but it's all part of the the sacrifices you make in a yurt.

The unique thing about this yurt was that it's on a working farm. So we got to visit with some alpacas, who are just the cutest animals and make great socks. Maybe our yurt and breakfast will have alpacas too!


Anonymous said...

Alpacas are what we saw at the Shaker village. :) I told Carlos about the yurts...he was intrigued. Can you yurt in the summer time too?

Jennifer said...

All I have to say is yurt is a damn funny word. And, I never want to stay in one. Geez, no wonder you lost at Scrabble, you didn't even know voracious was a word. If we ever come to visit, it's game on Justin!

Anonymous said...

Alpacas Rule!!!!!!

and make damn good socks!!!

bdonin said...

Pass this on to Justin..."really? are you kidding me? you can't be serious" Thanks