Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville

While we’re experiencing a real Indian summer here in NH (of course the 50-degree temps will probably come to an end very soon), it was only fitting that we saw Jimmy Buffet Saturday. With my winning tickets from the casino last weekend!

I must say, out of the 3 Buffet concerts I’ve now been too, this was the best. Normally, I go to the Buffet concerts for the tailgating, which is quite a trip. This time, it was all about the music. And the venue was smaller than what he usually plays (5,000 vs. 30,000+), so we were close enough to see the lack of wrinkles on his 60-year-old face!

Anyways, it was a great trip. Free tickets. Extremely discounted meal (thanks to J’s comp points from gambling). Free hotel using points. You can’t beat all that! Oh wait, J did make a significant donation to the casino in the hour we had to gamble. I lost a whopping $14.

Part III of the 800-mile weekend road trip to come next!