Friday, September 11, 2009

Thumbs, gums

J's thumbs have been replaced. Except they put his left thumb on the right. Anyways, he is in pain and drugged up. I'm such a wonderful wife that I am leaving this weekend to visit with Shadow in NY. Can someone else check on him? Thanks!!! I gave McKinley explicit instructions, but he just looked at me and meowed. Not sure what that means.


Creegs said...

so that "latest technology...pain-free surgery" was a lie? There was pain? I'll holler at him this weekend, but can he talk? So many questions.

Shayna said...

As usual, you and and your second half underestimated the drama and pain of a medical procedure. I thought J was gonna try to catch a concert tonight after the surgery? Sounds like not. Anyway, hopefully he has a restful, painless weekend while his wife abandons him for fun!