Vera Bradley Bridesmaid Contest

Just call me selfish and greedy. I read about this Vera Bradley Most Remarkable Bridesmaid Dress (For Better or For Worse!) and I just had to enter. The contest runs through the end of September. I'm obviously not expecting to win (I lack luck, remember?), but it doesn't hurt to try. You can actually vote once per hour!! So by my estimations, I could win if I had the most loyal readers in the world. But I can't take all of you to Florida with me on the winning trip (not even J gets to go, just my bridesmaids), so it's understandable if you don't vote every hour. Still, maybe vote once between now and Sept. 30?

I'm actually proud that my bridesmaids' dresses were fairly unique! Many people were eerie about my choice to use multiple colors and styles, but it just goes with my personality. Don't my girls look beautiful???

Go vote for me here and I will think about you when I'm in Florida sipping mojitos. I will keep the reminder up on my sidebar because I am just that greedy and selfish. Love me or hate me!