Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's that foul stench?

We generally smell a skunk here and there during the summer, but this week has been particularly bad. It was actually waking me from my deep slumber. So yesterday, ShortShorts shot the culprit. Cheer! Anyone know a good recipe? KIDDING.

We're off to the backwoods of northern Maine for outdoor adventures! Tropical Storm Danny, please be gentle with us. We will be spending a good portion of our time above treeline.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Crabfest, err, Meatfest

I think we need to rename our annual tradition of going down to the Chesapeake Bay area to meet up with J's friends from the Prep. For one,
the crabs were missing this year. Well, they weren't missing, but we just didn't bother to go crabbing. Funny thing, out of the 20+ people who come to Crabfest, few actually like crabs. But, to make up for the lack of crabs, there was lots of meat. To eat and to look at ... just look at all that sexy meat below ...
Because of Hurricane Bill, Crabfest ended up getting a little washed out. J and I spent the majority of my birfday delayed in the Manchester airport Friday. Don't feel too bad. I actually thought it was quite fun commiserating with other travelers. And it truly wasn't the airline's fault. In fact, Southwest was pretty impressive with their customer service through the whole mess.With the decent weather early Saturday, we were able to play around on the wave runners.But it poured the rest of Saturday. And for some strange reason, the party moved to DogLovers' camper. Despite weather setbacks and no crabs, we still enjoyed seeing everyone at Crabfest. It's amazing how every year, the Crabfest family grows and grows!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Guest blog for the birthday girl

Today is a very special day…..

Not only is the first time I (J) have posted a blog note, but it is the birthday for the most wonderful person in the world (besides me)……

It is the one and only—the Former PK's—31st birthday!!!!

Yep you heard me right she is getting old, 31. I feel like a young buck robbing all the chaps of the world of this cougar beauty. Considering I am turning 23 in October!

It must be tough getting old—she's always complaining about aches and pains, her legs hurting after walking up the stairs, she can’t bend over to pick up the crap she drops on the floor and she always wants a foot rub. What kind of person likes their feet rubbed, yuck!!!

In fact this morning she came running out of the shower dragging her boobs on the ground holding up grey hair that fell out into the drain. What does she expect, she is getting old.

I feel bad because as I get older I know my beauty will get better and I will have to fight off all the hot mamas that want a piece of me, this masterpiece. But marriage is a vow and I will be with this old lady until the end of day. Hey it is not that bad, don’t cry for me, she stills makes me laugh especially when she clogs the toilet and comes out screaming that her girdle fell in.

Just to prove my point so you can see I am not lying, look at this picture montage….

She thought she could be a stripper ...

Then she turned out to be the marrying type ...

And now, I settle for this ...

Ps… I love my wife, I love my life…..happy birthday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes

Like we often do, J and I overestimated our energy and our ability to do everything we want in one spot. So Monday’s day of adventure turned out to be a string of follies for us, although it turned out just fine in the end.

From our NY hotel, we headed north deep into the Adirondacks for our big hike to the highest peak in New York – Mt. Marcy. It was a gorgeous day and we hit the trail later in the day than most people, so it wasn’t too crowded. When we summitted at 5,344 ft, we were pretty much alone to enjoy the views, which were of course spectacular on the clear day. The 14-mile hike took us just about as long as we thought—7 hours.

We've reached the summit!

Our first folly here, however, was that I read the literature wrong and thought we were only making a 2,000-ft change in elevation. For a 7-mile hike uphill, that’s cake. But, I was 1,000 feet off. The hike still was really simple by our standards—extremely well marked and relatively flat until the last 2 miles. That doesn’t mean we weren’t sore and tired by the end.
That's our mountain behind us. Still 5 miles away and 3,000 feet up.What? We have 1 mile left to get there???

The next oopsies came with our plans for our drive home from the Dacks to NH. We originally thought, awesome, we’ll get off the trail by 6, hit the road, hit 2 more breweries in Vermont and be home by 10ish.

We forgot to account for our animal-like hunger that grew with each step of the hike. Not to mention that J was running down his list of favorite spots to eat chicken wings every other mile on the way down. We had food on our mind, that was for sure.

So what did we do … what every hungry person would do. Stopped at the first overpriced restaurant that had wings on the menu. What we should have done was settle for Subway and hit the road, cause, you know, $5 footlongs.
What the heck were we thinking?

Despite our budget-buster meal that was not worth it, I did get to see Lake Placid, which had me at hello. I really like that little town.Who wants to try the ski jump with me?

So anyways, dinner ended and we realized, shit, it’s 9:30pm. We still have 250+ moose-obstructed miles of country bumpkin roads before we can say hello to Mr. Sandman. But, we pressed on. We switched driving duties about 9 times. We didn’t see any moose, but we know they were there (this is one time I DON’T want to see a moose). We just had to avoid some skunk, muskrats and porcupines. We had extremely violent fist fights with our GPS, who wanted to take us from Bumblefuck to East Bumblefuck. It resulted in the silent treatment. Thank God we haven’t lost our ability to read maps. We stuck to the best non-highways that we could.

We finally rolled in around 2:45am. But damn, we need to be better planners next time.

BTW, can anyone tell me where this title comes from?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Destination New York

Today we drove to New York for a concert. Like they did 40 years ago. But it wasn't Woodstock. Not even close.

We hit 2 more Vermont breweries on the way. Maple Leaf Malt & Brewing Co. in Wilmington and Madison Brewing Co. in Bennington. Met a man who just opened a bakery, so we supported the local businessman.
After full bellies of beer and Italian pastries, J spent the night at a concert and I'm relaxing in the free hotel (I've hit my quota for hippie shows). Tomorrow, we have a 14-mile hike to look forward to. Guess who's going to be leading the pack out of the two of us?? The best part was when I asked J to look at the map for something and he was looking at the New Mexico page instead of the New York page.

Side props to J for the work he did in his town Saturday. He brought in T-Bone, a family performer for the day, then showed Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D. Both were a hit! He's the man!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Garden

More stories about ShortShorts, our infamous landlord, have been requested, so here's one for you.

Right now, he (in his short shorts) is out in the yard (which my office window faces) lighting fire to the pear and apple trees. Then tasting the fruit. A Hungarian ritual?

Boy am I learning so much about gardening ...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vera Bradley Bridesmaid Contest

Just call me selfish and greedy. I read about this Vera Bradley Most Remarkable Bridesmaid Dress (For Better or For Worse!) and I just had to enter. The contest runs through the end of September. I'm obviously not expecting to win (I lack luck, remember?), but it doesn't hurt to try. You can actually vote once per hour!! So by my estimations, I could win if I had the most loyal readers in the world. But I can't take all of you to Florida with me on the winning trip (not even J gets to go, just my bridesmaids), so it's understandable if you don't vote every hour. Still, maybe vote once between now and Sept. 30?

I'm actually proud that my bridesmaids' dresses were fairly unique! Many people were eerie about my choice to use multiple colors and styles, but it just goes with my personality. Don't my girls look beautiful???

Go vote for me here and I will think about you when I'm in Florida sipping mojitos. I will keep the reminder up on my sidebar because I am just that greedy and selfish. Love me or hate me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jam-packed weekend

Hallmark4Ever & GoodEgg left the babe at home for a quick jaunt to NH.

Friday night: cocktails and lobster. They were technically lobster virgins, so the thought of watching the live lobster cook caused them to be a little squeamish, but forgot all about it once they tasted the succulent meat of Mr. Lobster (still $4.99/lb).Saturday: After enrolling in P & J's school of outdoor adventure, we took a drive on the Kancamagus Scenic Byway, or as J would say, the Kakamakus. They passed Hiking 101 (Sabbady Falls Trail) with flying colors, and after some coaxing and practice, they passed Kayaking 101 (Lily Pond).
Saturday evening: ShortShorts and theQuilter hosted a 30th birthday party for theQuilter's daughter. It was pretty much off-the-hook complete with a live band, hula hoops and fireworks. The cops even made a little pitstop. And as Hallmark4Ever said, "I feel like I'm at Woodstock with all the hippies around." J broke out his infamous jello shots and moonshine, which may have led to some puking.

The Birthday Girl

The fireworks ready to goThe aftermath
I'm not sure I've ever shared a picture of ShortShorts and theQuilter, our great landlords, but here they are. They might be a little drunk. BTW, those are NOT his typical short shorts; they're too long.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before and After

J really pushed our limits this time with the food shopping thing. If it weren't for our garden, oh I mean our landlord's garden, we would have been living on mayo, ketchup and mustard. Thank God we have guests coming this weekend or else he probably would have pushed us until next week!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bell mystery solved

I've talked about the bells on the church across the street from us and how they were driving us batty. Well, we went to Mass on Sunday and got some answers.

Me: Um, Fr. [Eugene Levy], is there some sort of sequence to the bells on the church. We live across the street and have been trying to figure them out.

Apparently, they DO have a sequence. Basically, the bell tolls the time three times a day (at 8am, 12pm and 6pm). But, the bell dongs three times, then pauses, three times, pauses and so on. This is all to recognize the Holy Trinity, everything in threes, (a Catholic thing). On top of that, they do play music three other times a day and the songs are random. Oh and something to do with the Angelus Prayer. But I have no explanation about that. It was information overload, Eugene Levy style.

After he explained all of that, J and I were still a little confused about the whole ring-my-bell-37-times thing at 8am.

"Oh yeah, they were broken for awhile, but we fixed that just this week. Wasn't that annoying?"

Jingle bells.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Like we need more toys ...

Some people say Christmas is their favorite day of the year. Others say birthdays. Our favorite days come when there's an REI garage sale.

Training is intense and takes place over several months. It's a mental and physical challenge.

On Saturday, we awoke around 5am and headed to the Boston area to get on line. At 7:15am, we were number 35 in line. By the time the store opened at 10am, there were many others behind us.
As we usually do--with a few elbows thrown (JK) and wheelin' and dealin' by J--we scored big. We were actually looking for certain items and found them! I have to share some of our best bargains ...
Camping chair with foot rest (originally $65) ... $3.83
Thule bike rack (originally $120) ... $9.83
Men's bike (originally $799) ... $325 (On a side note, J has been looking for a bike for months and he finally found a good deal this week that he settled on, but it was twice the amount of the garage sale special!)
Women's bike (originally $450) ... $125

After shopping 'til we almost dropped, we met up with Always Game for a late lunch at The Friendly Toast. We even braved the streets of Boston/Cambridge without getting lost! Good food, btw, if you don't mind clogging your arteries once in awhile.

So here we are with our new bikes to add to our diversified profile. We took them for a 10-mile spin on Sunday. We discovered that Concord has a lot of farmland. Who knew? Anyways, watch out Lance. Here we come.