The Perfect Form of BC

How do you parents do it? Seriously? How? How? How? Am I asking too many questions? Because everything that comes out of my 7-year-old nephew's mouth is a question?

We just spent 3 days with my sister and her family (QuickQuestion, Yankee, Bones & CurlyLocks) and now we need 3 days of recovery!

This is their 3rd visit to NH and every time they come, we try to do something different. This year we tackled some major tourist attractions.

Cog Railway ... Bones is obsessed with anything trains (since infancy and he's now 7), so this was definitely up his alley. The rickety train takes you up to the top of Mt. Washington (highest point in NH) at a 75-degree angle. I did enjoy it, but agree with J that it needed a little more narration. Or maybe I needed to pay better attention ... it's hard to pay attention to anything with kids around. Is that an acquired talent parents? Did I get off-track? What was I talking about? Do kids make you this forgetful?

Don't they look like angels? Looks can be deceiving. Don't call child services, we weren't throwing her off the mountain.
Storyland ... I thought this was different from your typical amusement park. It's based on nursery rhymes, do kids really read these anymore? I mean, come on. The Big Bad Wolf. Three Little Pigs. Reading Steven King may be less frightening. In any case, Bones and CurlyLocks really loved this place. And it was well worth the money ($25/person), I thought. A good variety of rides and shows (the 30-minute circus was pretty awesome!). It was wall-to-wall kids, which according to J, was a glimpse of what hell would be like for him.

Stayed tuned for part 2 of their visit!

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