Kayaking 101

We've been teaching a lot of beginner classes in outdoor adventure lately ... hehe. Good practice for our future B&B, where we will offer all of that!

Anyways, we visited J's dad (MartiniShaker) and wife (GottaMove) on the coast of Mass this weekend and took MartiniShaker on his first kayak trip. He loved it and is definitely hooked! Because we were in such a rush leaving on Friday to beat the Boston and Cape traffic (which we didn't), I did not bring my camera to document the memory! At least he didn't flip over like some other first-timers ...

I did take a picture of something else though. How cool is this bracelet?
I was writing a story about a local gift shop for a freelance gig, and they gave me this!!! Apparently it's a pretty popular jewelery line (Trollbeads??), not that I would know. If I bought it myself, it would have cost me about $100 ... nice tip, huh?

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