Until next season ...

Indoor soccer has ended for us until the fall. It's bittersweet because I love playing, but it's summer (supposedly!) and it just doesn't make sense to spend time indoors.

We ended up with a decent record, considering with how we started last fall. We played 4 sessions and so we've lost and gained many teammates. But, overall, we improved as a team. Last night was our last game. The other team was out for blood, I tell you. They beat us 5-3, but they also tried to kill us literally. So we ended our season with a number of injuries. Including J. He may or may not have broken his forearm. I swear his physical therapist must think he's a glutton for punishment. He started with the hip issues because of a soccer incident, then shoulder (from playing goalie) and now this ... we shall see. But at least he has a lot of time to heal!