Summer indeed

The weather may not show it, but one thing that tells me it's summer in New England ... lobsters!!!

Last night, J & I got lobsters for dinner. We were out on our monthly shopping trip (food bill=$75, gotta love coupons), and had to stop at a different store for one food item. It's the food store that normally has the cheap lobsters. And sure enough, they were $4.99/lb. I think this may be the only area J is willing to splurge in when it comes to food. So after a few more items in that store, our total food shopping bill came to $100. We have visitors this month, so I'm telling J we'll have to go again in a few weeks, but he is convinced this will get us through July ...

Another sign of summer ... fresh fruits and veggies from our landlord's garden. ShortShorts brought some freshly picked strawberries by this morning. Yummy!!!