Celebrating Pat

I do have some Irish in me, but I don't like corned beef.

Which is why we had pork chops, baked potato and beets for dinner last night.

But, our local church (the church led by Eugene Levy ... for real), is sponsoring a corned beef dinner this Saturday. You get corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes, carrots, bread, I think a salad and a dessert. All for $6!

So I told J we should get him that meal, because, even though he is not Irish*, he does like corned beef. I said I would eat all the veggies. A meal for 2 of us for $6? Definitely a steal.

He's a little hesitant because it's a fundraiser for the church and how will it look with us splitting one meal? "Maybe you should tell them you're a vegetarian," J said.

Great. So I'll just lie to the little old nuns just to save $6. Do you think I'll still get into heaven?

*So, as it turns out, J is Irish. And he says he knew that. And told me. Hmmm.