These boots are made for walking ... in the snow

For those of you who know me, you know I HATE shopping. Mainly it's because I hate spending money and I like getting the most out of what I buy. Which is why I own clothing items from 1995. No seriously. I do.

Case in point. I got the boots below when I was a junior in high school. Wore them through college. Then, when I lived in Arizona from 2000-2004, they stayed tucked away in a closet in my parent's house. When I lived in Virginia, I did have them, but I think I used them maybe once when we got that 1 inch of snow.

I was elated when we decided to move to New Hampshire because I have boots already! I was excited to break them out. And they have served me well these past 1 1/2 winters. But, it was time to replace. 'Cause, did you know they make boots now that keep your feet WARM?? And dry??

I labored over my shopping decision. Since everyone in NH (okay, maybe the whole country) has a pair of Uggs, and they all rave about them, I figured that was the route to go. But, damn, even on sale, they are freakin expensive. Alas, I searched and found a better deal. According to Ugg owners, they do not keep your feet dry in snow. What?? Why would I buy boots that were NOT waterproof living in a place where I step in snow every day for at least 4 months??

So I bought these Ulu boots. I suppose they are a ripoff of Uggs, but I don't care because I found them online for $55! Marked down from $150! And they keep my feet dry! And warm! I kid you not! They feel like slippers! I don't want to take them off! Yeah for me!

Sorry I went overboard on the exclamation points, but I am clearly excited.